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  • Jonathan Greer

    Jonathan Greer

    Husband and friend in Coconut Grove, FL tweets and retweets are to encourage, share faith in Jesus, and interact to support local journalism.

  • Kata Rina

    Kata Rina

    DonQuiSoft, GDG Baltimore, Beta testing Android / iOS, products & wearables, IoT and AR. 3D printing. Supporting education. Special interest in neuroscience.

  • Laura Lamard

    Laura Lamard

    #SocialMedia frenchy working at Henkel. I tweet about business digitalisation, social selling, jokes, start-up ideas and a lot more to boost your day!

  • Kat Armstrong

    Kat Armstrong

    Virtual Assistant trying to leave my mark on the world - one person at a time. love my grandkids, chocolate and life! http://katarmstrong.com

  • Scott Robertson

    Scott Robertson

    Professor and Department Chair, Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa. I study HCI, sociotechnical systems, and digital government.

  • Joann Jen

    Joann Jen

    PNW-er in NYC

  • Art Brodsky

    Art Brodsky

    Communications consultant, recovering journalist

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